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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Much Happier Day

OK today I get to lighten the mood, but first I want to thank everyone who sent good wishes and prayers my father's way yesterday. He sailed through his procedure, was declared to be blockage free, and was home by 8:00 last evening. I have read your messages and was grateful and touched by your thoughtful and kind words to a virtual stranger, it was greatly appreciated.

So, today my plan is to wear my comfy pants and spend the day in my workroom. I will not leave the house. People of Etsy tell me that I should be getting ready making some inventory for the busy season. I shall do this in hopes that they are right, and I will experience a busy season.

It's Wednesday and every Wednesday is ghosthunters day in my house. My son and his fiance' (my fellow Ghosthunters) will be over to watch our favorite ghost show. It may not sound too exciting, but at least once per week my grown son and favorite soon-to-be-daughter in law spend the evening just hanging out, so I look forward to it. If we can't be out hunting ghosts ourselves, we will watch others do it on TV.

I hope your day brings you joy,


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