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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good morning to all,

I'm afraid of today. We will be picking my parents up in a couple of hours and taking my dad for angioplasty. He had open heart surgery two and a half years ago, and seemed to be doing well. Lately he's been afraid and making comments that make me wonder. He tells us to take care of my mother and has been giving little bits of life advice which he usually doesn't do.

My hubby (Larry) and I will be waiting with my mother. This will be a long day for her as well. She is suffering from, shall we say, "memory issues", and will forget where she is or why she is there. This is a day I've been dreading.

I promise you, blog followers that my posts here will not always be full of woe and dread, but today, I ask for your thoughts and if you have a moment, maybe just throw a quick prayer out to the universe for dad.



  1. Hugs to you Becky...a little prayer is winging its way to the Man right now. I hope everything goes okay.

    Thinking of you :)

    Karen xx

  2. Hi,
    Saw ou on the Etsy Forums. You're definately in my prayers. I know how terrifying it can be facing the unknown with a loved one. And I know its hard, but try to just let medicine do the talking and not the fearful voices in your head. I am taking my husband (47) to the neurologist today to get started finding out how much damage his stroke in January did. I'm a bit terrified but keep thinking that God in His wisdom will handle things. I don't know your religious preferences, but those thoughts help me not go so much off the deep end.
    Chin up. Many prayers going up for you today.

  3. Big Hugs Becky !!! I hope you all do well, XO Patty

  4. I can totally relate this hits very close to home for me. Many thoughts go out to you today.

  5. WIll be sending you all lots of good vibes today. Just found you in Etsy forums with a link to this post....

  6. Try not to worry too much, he's probably just scared. Be strong. We'll be thinking about you today.

  7. It's so hard to grow older and have health issues. It scares the life right out of prayers and thoughts are with you all. We are going through some serious issues with my 90-year old dad who lives with us and each day is a scary day so I can certainly relate.