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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting a jump on the new year

Here goes, I'm going to say it out loud--since starting Sweet and Sassy Cards, the most exercise I get is cutting paper. I along with 50 million others, will make a resolution to get my butt to the gym four, ok three times per week.

After making this internal committment, I actually joined a gym almost a week ago. It looks like I will make my goal of three workouts this week! B.E. (before Etsy) my workout was a minimum of 90 minutes, today it was only 55 - and I'm pooped!

Another goal of mine to to reach 600 sales in my Etsy shop before the year is over. Hopefully some lucky brides will find place cards, table numbers and thank you tags that they love. I of course will keep adding new greeting cards for all occasions, both Sweet and Sassy.

Will you stop in and have a look? I added two new Valentine's Day cards yesterday and will be adding more throughout the week.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ending the year right at Sweet and Sassy Cards

Well, it's December 27th, the gifts are all open and guests have gone home. I am looking forward to a few quiet days in the next week. My immediate plans are too straighten and rearrange my work room. My dad, who is a woodworker made me a new shelf for storage. He hasn't seen my workspace-it is packed, but when you work with paper, there is never enough shelf space.

Today I will be working on some new Valentine's Day designs. I hope to list a few throughout the week to get these sales moving again. I will also be adding some "anti Valentine" cards. I'm hoping to have Sassy Sophie make another appearance.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a great New Year's Celebration.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Sassy Sophie

Sassy Sophie is new at Sweet and Sassy Cards. Sophie can say everything that you want to say, and just can't. She is Sassy!

Our town is pretty much back to normal after our big storm last Thursday. Hopefully some of this snow will melt or someone will haul it away, because the piles are much higher than my car, and i cannot see to back out of my driveway!

So after my unexpected four day weekend, it's back to school tomorrow. It will be a short week for me though because I am attending a conference in Rochester on Tuesday. Rochester? Isn't that where my daughter lives? Why, yes it is! I hope I don't get sick and need to stay in Rochester over night!

Anyway, if you get the chance, wander over to and meet Sassy Sophie. I think we'll be seeing a lot of her!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bridal Place Cards and Tags - Sweet!

Unique is one word to describe the new bridal section at Sweet and Sassy Cards. I would love to make place cards for your wedding or special occasion. Do you have a theme for your wedding? I will make you a special set of unique place cards and table numbers to match your wedding theme.

Want to try a one-of-a-kind place card? How about a place card book featuring your guests name on the cover, table number on the back and beautiful pages inside featuring your name, wedding date, thank you page, poetry and even some words of special meaning from the bride and groom. All in a tiny three inch book! This can also be further customized to feature an embellishment to match your wedding theme.