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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Blog,

I've decided to write something today. I'm sure it will be witty and thoughtful. hmmm? maybe not. It's Tuesday morning and my sister's birthday, so happy birthday. You might know her she is Sandy from If you haven't yet met her you should she sells very cute greeting cards. Hey wait a minute, I sell greeting cards too.

Today is a red shoe day for me. I spend most of the winter in drab black shoes, but now that spring is finally sprung and temps are up a little, it's time to be bold. So red it is. I';ll bet you already saw the giant shoe card. Isn't it cute? It's for sale you know.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Blog, Dear Blog

I have been ignoring you. I have been ignoring the dustbunnies and the dirty socks too. All of my attention has gone into my beloved Etsy shop. It seems to be what I think about most of the time these days. Do you think I am obsessed?

My sister now has an etsy shop too. Check out for some alternative card choices to mine.

The raging ear infection finally seems to be going away, can you believe three weeks? That's crazy. I've finally gotten most of the hearing back in my left ear, but not all and I'm hoping beyond hope that that is temporary.

Look around for the pretty pile of roses that will become the new addtion to

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lagging Behind

I guess I've been a little lax in the blogging department, haven't I? I'm happy to get this week over and the new one started. Last week SUCKED! Larry went out of town, still wasn't feeling great, but he has an awesome work ethic. I however was home from work with a double ear infection on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Went back to work despite the fact that i could hear virtually nothing. It's finally improving.

My sweet and wonderful daughter broke up with her boyfriend. I never got to know him as well as I would have liked too, but I know her heart is broken, but as she reminds me, she is strong and will be fine, and I know she will.

My son and his fiance', Krista went away for the weekend to a waterpark and had a wonderful time. I'm very glad for them and thought about them quite often.

Saturday began with a funeral for my brother-in-law's father. It was a sad but wonderful tribute

So I begin this week on a much better note, daughter is feeling better, mother is feeling better and I have made three sales on Etsy. Please visit Sweet and Sassy for your cards this Easter and Mother's day!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some days are just dreary

The sun is shining, and it seems that spring has indeed sprung here. But still the day is dreary. I found out today that I have a double ear infection. You don't know my history with ear infections, but my eardrums have been breaking with infections all of my life. My drums are covered heavily with scar tissue. There is the possibility that some day they may break and not heal, so they are always scarry.

I checked in on my Etsy shop after a brief nap and found that I sold a card, but before I could complete packaging that order, my daughter called.

Ashley broke up with her live in boyfriend and she is broken hearted. This came from left field and she was shocked. It is terrible to be mom here, when she is feeling so sad, there. I know she is tremendously strong and that she'll be alright. She knows it to, but in the mean time it hurts so bad when they are in pain.

Today, still feeling like crap, I'm home from work again, with plans to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully the headache will go away. And I sold another card today, so that added another happy spot to my dreary day.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Me, an Artist?

Have you ever heard of the Handmade Highway. I have been a member for the past few weeks and it has been a really good thing for me and for Sweet and Sassy Cards. They have newsletters and blogs and I've already been featured.

Check out this feature that has been published on my billboard on the Handmade Highway today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I took my cards to a beautiful little shop called The Village Artisans in Williamsville, NY. It was very exciting to see them actually in a shop, being put up for sale. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that good things will come from this.

I have a really cute new card that I listed this afternoon. Its a card for the shopaholic friend and will double as a gift card holder.

Getting tired and not feeling 100% so I'll keep this short and sweet. Check out my new listing if you get the chance.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday everybody. The sun is out in Buffalo and February is over. To me that means the worst is over and spring is almost here. HOORAY!!! I've only got a few minutes here today to blog because I have to take cards to the shop tomorrow and they are not finished. I feel like a kid who didn't do her homework. I must go complete my assignment, so toodles to you and talk soon. Leave me a message if you read this because I don't think you did.

Have a good one,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The days are getting longer, and the air just a little bit warmer. We in Buffalo really shouldn't complain about our winter this year, but we do anyway. I'm itching to get the snow outta here so digging in the gardens can commence. I look forward to sharing my garden pictures with you.

I'm spending as much time promoting my Etsy site as I can, and hoping that I'm doing everything right. On Thursday, I will be taking in a few of my cards to a local shop called Village Artisans where they will be on consignment. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, OK?

Lots of good TV tonight so the DVR is going to be working overtime. I'm off, so have a wonderful evening everyone.