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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some days are just dreary

The sun is shining, and it seems that spring has indeed sprung here. But still the day is dreary. I found out today that I have a double ear infection. You don't know my history with ear infections, but my eardrums have been breaking with infections all of my life. My drums are covered heavily with scar tissue. There is the possibility that some day they may break and not heal, so they are always scarry.

I checked in on my Etsy shop after a brief nap and found that I sold a card, but before I could complete packaging that order, my daughter called.

Ashley broke up with her live in boyfriend and she is broken hearted. This came from left field and she was shocked. It is terrible to be mom here, when she is feeling so sad, there. I know she is tremendously strong and that she'll be alright. She knows it to, but in the mean time it hurts so bad when they are in pain.

Today, still feeling like crap, I'm home from work again, with plans to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully the headache will go away. And I sold another card today, so that added another happy spot to my dreary day.


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