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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today I'm going shopping. I am on spring break and have not been feeling my very best. I created 6 new card designs and am going to take some to Village Artisans today. If you get the chance to visit Williamsville, New York, look for Village Artisans and check out my Sweet and Sassy Cards.

It is slowly starting to warm up here in Buffalo. It is sandal season, my second favorite time of the year. Once spring break hits its all about ditching the socks and wearing the oh so cute sandals. So it's shopping day for me.

Sales seem so slow on Etsy. I would love it if you would pay a visit to to check out the cards that I have available. Please remember that any card at Sweet and Sassy can be personalized, just for you. Wedding cards, and baby cards are going to be added soon.

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